Always accessible knowledge

CooSpace ensures that the necessary contents are always available, so you can concentrate on effective preparation to courses.  

CooSpace 4

It contributes to the success of the education process, if such technology used in education that is known by users. 

Every scene is unique

Diverse functions guarantee that every group can personalise their scenes. 

Create learning materials

In the Folder tool, learning materials can be created with the combination of text, questions, and pictures.

CooSpace application

Download the CooSpace app to have easy access to downloaded documents and all functions of CooSpace anywhere, anytime.

Online consultations

Professors and students can have online consultations in CooSpace, whenever and wherever.


is an interactive online platform for learning and cooperation. It organizes courses, projects and organizational liaison into scenes. 


are the meeting points, where educational goals and participants come together. Scenes can be filled with smart tools according to your needs.

Educational scene

The scene provides an opportunity for individual learning, for working together, planning, scheduling, making decisions, informing others, gathering information, receiving and giving feedback, testing and assessment.