Easy access, simple sharing of content, and handling notifications have the joint goal of helping you to focus more on content. We help you, so you only have to work on your tasks. Everything else in done by CooSpace. 


CooSpace can be easily accessed anyhere, anytime, safely, you only need a browser and internet connection. With the mobile app, documents and already viewed content can be accessed even when you are offline.


Content can be easily shared, regardless of its type. Users can get notified about every occurence that concerns them instantly, or at the end of the day. 


Submitting tasks online makes it possible to forget lost emails, or test sheets. CooSpace ensures that everyone gets notified about a submission of a task, and also the evaluation.

without boundaries

High level of orderliness and openness are simultaneously present in CooSpace. Various types of content can be imported easily, for instance a document or a Youtube video. The system can connect to directories of institutes and be synced with calendar services also. Language possibilities are endless, since it can support any language.


Priority of a certain content depends on your decision. All content can be managed simply and integratedly: doc, xls, ppt, pdf, SCORM, link, youtube, prezi, video, online streaming, etc.


CooSpace's interface is able to be translated to any language. Currently it is available in Hungarian, English and German, but is able to support any language. 


Robust and open technology ensures that access to CooSpace is always the fastest and most secure, while connecting to the existing infrastructure of the system.  

private and public

Users can introduce themselves with the profile they can edit freely. Notifications concerning events or changes can be adjusted according to personal needs. Instant messages can be sent to any online user. Documents and question banks can be shared with the members of scenes or individual users. 

News feed

Users can get notified about all the events in CooSpace, which can be customized by scenes and by tools. News are organized into a news feed, and notification emails are sent either instantly, or at the end of the day. 

Notes and tags

In every scene and tool of CooSpace, users can take notes. Notes are personal, just like tags and tag clouds, which make search and content filtering much easier.  


Members can organize their documents, question banks or glossaries in their private storage, but can share it in scenes, or with other users.