innovative approach

Since the introduction of CooSpace in 2005, it has been supporting efficient co-operation in many platforms. The key of its success is that it supports collaboration from plenty of different aspects: it gives instant, automatic feedback to users, and is also capable of providing activity data and analysis for professors and project leaders. 

How can scenes be created?

Scenes can be made automatically from the data of any system of records (can be a database, HR system, project system, etc.). Scenes can also be created manually.

Who can be members of a scene?

If there are already existing personnel records, they can be automatically organized into scenes, which can be deleted if they are no longer necessary. Apart from these, it is also possible to apply to scenes and invite members to scenes as well. 

Can permissions be controlled? 

Administrators of a scene have wide opportunities to edit users' permissions, which can be adjusted individually regarding every function of the scene. 

for everyone 

Coospace provides solutions for all learning environments: from public schools to higher education, from traditional courses through blended learning to virtual education. It adapts to the programme's peculiarities, the institutes' expectations, and the professors' and students' preparedness. 

Are online exams available in CooSpace?

With the opportunity of choosing from 14 types of questions it is easy to assemble questionnaires, question banks and exam tests. With random question blocks every student will be given different questions in the same time. The system can also evaluates tests automatically.  

What kind of content can CooSpace work with? 

Existing contents of the SCORM standard, arbitrary files, (word, pdf, ppt, xls, avi, jpg, etc.), links, books and book chapters, embedded  videos (YouTube). Lectures can also be streamed online via CooSpace. 

Does CooSpace contribute to the orderly administration of papers and assessments?

In CooSpace, tasks can be issued online, providing the deadline. Students and professors can have a dialogue concerning the tasks, and professors can also evaluate the submitted papers online. No more lost emails or test sheets.  

serving the community

CooSpace provides an answer to the needs of students, who use tools of modern technology and online communication systems daily, have concerning an education system; CooSpace provides numerous possibilities to enhance the collaboration between student, professor and curriculum. 

Opinion polls

Polar questions can be posed in a poll, and users can also solve organizational tasks by the vote tool (re-scheduling the time of cancelled classes, coordination of class appointments, etc.).


CooSpace supports gathering and sharing ideas with various tools, which make it easier to select the best opinions or suggestions based on the creating power of communities. 

Organizing groups 

Members of a scene can be organized into groups by applications or custom selection. We can also create sub-scenes and tools for different groups, thus enhancing uninterrupted groupwork. 

users are important 

The results of surveys concerning user satisfaction confirm, that our developments and services meet the requirements of users. We continuously develop CooSpace, keeping in mind the needs of professors and students, and also support training programmes to help spread the positive effects of using CooSpace. We believe that we can only be successful in strong cooperation with users.

"Access anywhere, anytime, easily." (Professor of Budapest Business School)

„I especially like testing in CooSpace, because it gives instant, accurate results.” (Student of Budapest Business Shool)

"Participating in distant education from abroad, I can only give a warm welcome to a system like this!" (Student of University of Szeged)