CooSpace ASP

ASP (Application Service Providing) means an application-service or application-lease, which is a new concept in business and technology. Within ASP, users utilize CooSpace to support their activities in such a way that they only have to access servers and their databases. Therefore on users' computers, only a browser with internet connection is needed. 

efficient and fast

When the system was introduced, we consulted with our partners on various levels: strategic and delivery planning; concerning the integration of administrational features; functional operation of design; coordination of users' needs. 


The basis of all reliable systems is thorough and provident planning. By strategic planning, we establish the base of a securely operating online framework's successful introduction.  


We not only focus on that the systems we produce function well, but also that the interface and the design meet the requirements of user-friendliness and ergonomics. 

Needs of users

Both in planning and implementation phase, we keep in mind to analyze and incorporate the needs of users to our systems. We believe that this is the only way to imply user satisfaction concerning our products. 


At CooSpace, we provide practice-oriented trainings for users of different types and levels. Onsite trainings are also available for system administrators, education-organizers, professors and students. 


We adjust all of our trainings to the needs of the target group which we organize it for. This is also reflected in the themes of trainings, and the environment of organization (computer room, lecture, practical training, etc.) 

On-site training

Trainings are always held on-site for users, so we travel to our partners. Therefore users can participate in our trainings in a technologically familiar environment.  


Our practical trainings are taught by our professionals, who are both experts in IT technology and pedagogics, who approach e-learning from several aspects. We support on-site trainings with various types of multimedia content.


Who could manage the CooSpace technology better, than those who developed it? Let us help deal with the risks concerning system usage, changes, and regular system updates.


CooSpace plays a crucial role in more than 15 institutes' daily function, and has around 40.000 users. In the past 8 years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience by fulfilling the needs and solving the problems of our partners. 


While being a reliable and committed partner, we are highly devoted to always develop new innovative functions and tools in CooSpace, but also keep in mind to meet the needs of everyday users by providing a predictable and simple system. 


Employees of the company are highly skilled professionals, who can manage all the segments of system development: technical, programming, educational and support.